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Pots of joy and thanksgiving at Gaywood

Gill and Stephen from St Faith’s Gaywood LEP Church Office. Gill is holding a glass jar and Stephen is putting a bead into the jar.

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This year St Faith’s is celebrating 50 years of Methodist/ Anglican sharing and in thanksgiving and as part of the year-long celebrations the community has launched a new initiative to recognise the love and commitment with which members serve God and each other.

Team Rector the Revd Kyla Sørensen says: “We are really blessed to have so many people who give their time to this church and community. During this year 2024 we are celebrating all that we do for each other. There are so many different ways we each give to one another.”

Revd Kyla is encouraging everyone that when individuals have given of their time for the community in any way as a volunteer and/ or in prayer to put a bead in the pot of joy and thanksgiving. She explains, “Each bead represents one hour given in love. But it is so much more than that – each bead is real time given. Real love shared. So that all may be welcomed and cared for.”

At the end of the year the beads will be counted up by 5th Gaywood Beavers who will string the beads to make special decorations for the church. Pots are in the church and church office and so far, the parish has made a very good and colourful start!

And we will see the time mount up.

And we will give thanks.

God has called us together.

To serve each other

in His love.