September 2021

28 June 2022

Deanery of Dereham in Mitford: Rural Dean: Mark McCaghrey. Lay Chair: Timothy Farnham. Dioceses of Colorado and Connecticut (Episcopal Church, USA)

Rural Dean: Mark McCaghrey. Lay Chair: Timothy Farnham

29 June 2022

Fruitful Thanks: Compassionate Christ, tenderise our hearts for the hungry but fill them too with gratitude for all that our local farmers provide. Thank you for their watchful wisdom; thank you for seed and soil, sun and rain; thank you for juicy berries, flavourful herbs and sustaining grains.

30 June 2022

Barnham Broom & Upper Yare: Barford, Barnham Broom with Bickerston, Brandon Parva, Carleton Forehoe, Cranworth with Letton and Southburgh, Garvestone, Hardingham, Kimberley, Reymerston, Runhall with Coston, Thuxton, Whinburgh with Westfield, Wramplingham. Clergy: Tim Weatherstone. LLM: Roger Walpole, Mary Weatherstone. Barnham Broom Primary. Dioceses of Connor and Cork, Colne & Ross (Church of Ireland).

Clergy: Tim Weatherstone. Licensed Lay Minister: Roger Walpole, Mary Weatherstone

Barnham Broom CofE VA Primary School

1 July 2022

Dereham & District Team Ministry: Beetley with East Bilney, East Bradenham with West Bradenham, East Dereham, Hoe, Scarning, Shipdham, Swanton Morley. Clergy: Paul Cubitt, James Rosie, Jane Nursey. LLMs: Helen Jeckells, Evelyn Speed, Lydia Crick, Tom Cross. Dereham Junior, Dereham Infant & Nursery, Swanton Morley Primary, Thomas Bullock Primary (Shipdham). Diocese of Costa Rica (Iglesia Anglicana de la Region Central de America).

Clergy: Paul Cubitt, James Rosie, Jane Nursey. Licensed Lay Minister: Helen Jeckells, Evelyn Speed, Lydia Crick, Tom Cross

Dereham CofE Junior Academy, Dereham CofE VA Infant School & Nursery, Swanton Morley CofE VC Primary School, Thomas Bullock CofE Primary Academy (Shipdham)

2 July 2022

Easton: Bawburgh, Colton, Easton, Marlingford. Clergy: Laura Montgomery. LLM: Peter Pease. St Peter's Primary (Easton). Charles Read, Linda Church, Keith James, Marleen Madinda; Ministry. Diocese of Coventry (Church of England).

Clergy: Laura Montgomery, Penelope Goodman. Licensed Lay Minister: Peter Pease

St Peter's CofE Primary Academy (Easton)

3 July 2022

Strengthen and encourage: It is our duty and our joy at all times and in all places to give you thanks and praise, holy Father, heavenly King, almighty and eternal God. Today we praise you for the Diocese of Luleå, asking you to strengthen their faith and encourage their work.

4 July 2022

Honingham: The Churchwardens and PCC during the vacancy Diocese of Cuba (Episcopal Church, USA).

The Churchwardens and PCC during the vacancy

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