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New school mural for Newton Flotman

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Children at Newton Flotman Primary Church of England School have celebrated the installation of a brand new mural. The mural was created by staff member, Mrs Morgan, with a little help from all 147 of the pupils at the school, who each contributed by painting their own unique sheep.

The mural depicts the Christian parable of The Lost Sheep, the story of a shepherd who leaves his 99 sheep in order to find the one sheep who is lost. This story of redemption, supports the school’s values of nurture.

As part of the celebration, the school had a very special visitor, in the form of a young lamb, one of hundreds delivered by Mrs Morgan, who is also a shepherdess at a local, family-run farm.

The lamb, who was a very popular visitor, was brought into assembly and classrooms, supporting Mrs Morgan’s retelling of the parable of The Lost Sheep.

The mural, which has helped to create a vibrant, attractive entrance to the side of the school, acts as a powerful daily reminder to us of God’s love for every man, woman or child.