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Hundreds of Peace Doves arrive at Gaywood

Peace Doves at Gaywood

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In these times of war and devastation around the world, we witness conflict even in our local communities, peace can seem like a distant hope. We can feel that our efforts are small and inadequate. The people of St Faith’s Gaywood LEP, an Anglican and Methodist partnership in King’s Lynn have created a striking visual reminder for praying for peace.

An installation of hundreds of origami peace doves, prayerfully hand-made by the church family young and old alike, and fixed to a suspended metal frame affectionately known as the corona (or crown), has been hung above the Chancel steps.

Hundreds of Peace Doves arrive at Gaywood

“It was a church-wide effort,” says Churchwarden Susie Cranko-Page, ‘with St. Faith’s Youth Group, church regulars and some of our newest members all making doves as symbols of peace.” The simple design meant that everyone could have a go at making a bird.

Part of the vision of the Diocese of Norwich encourages us to work for peace and reconciliation and St Faith’s is committed to praying for peace, believing in the positive effect of prayer. We know that we are not disconnected from what goes on around us – the installation is a visual reminder for everyone who comes into the church to pray with intention for our world.

Team Rector, the Revd Kyla Sorensen said: “Everyone will pass underneath the installation when going up to the sanctuary for communion. We hope the peace doves will encourage us to bring our prayers for peace to the altar of God, trusting that He will hear our petitions as we pray together for peace.”

Representatives of St Faith’s also participated in the recent Peace and Justice Forum organised by Churches Together in King’s Lynn – where delegates engaged in challenging discussions on peace on a global, national, and local scale.

The installation will remain in the church throughout Lent until Easter when the corona will be dressed with thorns.

For more information on St Faith’s Church Gaywood LEP visit their Facebook page.