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Hosting a Hustings

Churches Together in Britain and Ireland have created a website with ideas and advice for churches on holding a question time meeting or hustings for the General Election.

During the period before a General Election, churches and community organisations often organise election meetings (sometimes known as hustings) where members of the public can listen to and ask questions of the candidates who are standing for election.

They do this as a public service, to support the democratic process, to facilitate public debate and as a contribution to the common good. This opportunity for respectful discussion in a neutral space is often appreciated by candidates as well as voters.

This guidance is intended to help churches organise safe and successful events which comply with the law. It has been produced by the Joint Public Issues Team of the Baptist, Methodist and United Reformed Churches, in collaboration with the ecumenical bodies and Churches listed below.

The guidance is in four sections:

  1. Getting started
  2. Different formats of election meetings
  3. The rules around holding a hustings event
  4. Practical planning

Visit the website here to find more information and resources.