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Have you claimed your church’s Google listing?

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A Google business card is the piece of information about a business or organisation that appears on the right hand side of the search results and tells people who or what the business is, what it does, who it does it for, how to get in contact, and where it’s located, plus other information and features such as photos.

You can even get directions or call the organisation immediately with the click of a button. For people who are your church, or who may have just found it on Google, this is a great way for initial contact to be made.

What people read and see about your church on Google is possibly the first impression that people will have of your church, and first impressions are important.

Setting up the Google business card is actually free to do and is fairly easy for each church to do themselves. Just by following simple steps and adding the correct information to make Churches will need to create a ‘Google My Business’ listing (there’s a support page here for help with how to do this). Not claiming this card also leaves churches vulnerable to someone else doing it and providing incorrect information, so it’s good to do.