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Community in Great Yarmouth Deanery

The day began at Moorlands Primary Academy with an assembly of song and dance, followed by some questions from the students about his new role as Bishop of Norwich: “what are you most looking forward to?” He replies: “Telling people about Jesus and looking after people in this Diocese – like you in our schools.”

Bishop Graham and the students then went outside to plant an oak tree sapling on the school grounds among other trees and near a special bird-watching station. The bishop talked to the children about the importance of watering the tree and caring for it to make it grow.

From there, the visit continued at the mooring of the Caister Lifeboat, where Bishop Graham boarded the boat to take a trip out to the sandbanks. The crew – entirely made up of volunteers – explained the history of the lifeboat and the kinds of things they do as volunteer crewmen. “I’m in awe of what you do!” Bishop Graham exclaimed to the crew. Bishop Graham was then invited to drive the boat back to shore – which he cheerfully did.

Back in Yarmouth itself, Bishop Graham got to know a few of the young people at a youth group run by Youth for Christ. The time was one of playing games, enjoying some light piano, and authentic conversations with some of the young people who show amazing resilience in all circumstances.

The day finished at St Andrew’s Church, Gorleston, with Tony Mallion interviewing Bishop Graham and then an opportunity for parishioners to ask the Bishop their own questions. This was followed by a Eucharist Service led by the Bishop.