Listed below are the names of each of the churches within the parish. You can click on each to view the church buildings in further detail:

Key contacts

The Revd Julie Boyd

Licensed clergy - Incumbent: Team Rector, Gaywood (Benefice)
The Rectory
Gayton Road
King's Lynn
PE30 4DZ

The Revd Laura Purnell

Licensed clergy - Assistant Curate, Gaywood (Benefice)
170 Wootton Road
King;s Lynn
PE30 4BU

The Revd Karlene Kerr

Licensed clergy - Team Vicar, Gaywood (Benefice)
28 Jermyn Road
PE30 4AE

Mrs Daphne Sampson

Licensed Reader, Gaywood (Benefice)
74 Goodwins Road
King's Lynn
PE30 5PD

Mrs Susan Cranko-Page

Churchwarden, Gaywood (Parish)
53 Russett Close
King's Lynn
PE30 3HB

Mr Ian Swinton

Churchwarden, Gaywood (Parish)
28 Persimmon
King's Lynn
PE30 4SS

Mr David Greening

PCC Secretary, Gaywood (Parish)
40 Jermyn Road
King's Lynn
PE30 4AE

Mr Andrew Hiles

PCC Treasurer, Gaywood (Parish) at St Faith