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Bishop of Norwich sails to St Benet’s Abbey for first service as Abbot

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The annual service traditionally takes place in early August with many congregating from across the diocese to join in the service. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions this year, the service was much stripped-back and not open to the public.

The Rt Revd Graham Usher, Bishop of Norwich made the journey by wherry up the River Bure to the site of St Benet’s Abbey, of which he is Abbot.

The Abbey was never dissolved by Henry VIII like many others, but instead was given to the Bishopric of Norwich. As a result, the roles of the Bishop of Norwich and the Abbot were combined and all subsequent bishops inherited the status of the Abbot.

Bishop Graham’s visit to the Abbey also marked him becoming Patron of the Wherry Yacht Charter. Read more here.