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Archbishop Sancroft Prayerspace

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The space allows young people to explore prayer and also to reflect on their lives.

Catherine Adams, Head of Student Support said:

“It’s been an invaluable space to allow our young people to explore faith and also to find some peace in the midst of a busy school at a busy time of year.”

PrayerSpace zones cover questions such as ‘If you could give the world a gift this Christmas what would it be?’  and ‘If you could ask God for a gift that money can’t buy what would it be?

Spaces to think about those less fortunate have also been popular – looking at refugees and thinking about what possessions you would take with you if you had to leave in a hurry.  One particularly poignant area is the ‘Empty chair’ activity where young people can think about those who may not be around at Christmas either though moving house, family break up or death.

In each space there is an opportunity to turn thoughts to prayer and leave a creative response.  A team of volunteers from local churches has been around to respond to questions and also to pray over the responses after students leave the space.

Although pupils have had scheduled time in the Christmas PrayerSpace as part of their timetable many have also chosen to visit the space during their lunch break to such a level that there have been queues of pupils waiting to come into the prayer space.  The level of engagement has been really encouraging and there have already been stories of prayers answered coming back from the pupils.

Steph Richardson from Integrate Youth for Christ commented that:

“it’s always a privilege to bring a prayer space to a school. There’s a real ‘wow’ moment as we reveal the prayer space at the beginning of the session and we find that even the most lively of pupils quieten down and engage with the activities. Many of their responses are incredibly moving and even the teachers who visit the space are impacted by their time there.”

Integrate Youth for Christ work across south Norfolk including Thetford and north Suffolk running regular school lunch clubs and youth cafes well as a termly ‘Encounter’ youth worship event.

If you would like to support this work financially or practically please contact Steph Richardson at Integrate YFC – or visit