40 words for 40 days

Author: The Revd Canon Susanna Gunner



You are warmly invited to subscribe to a new project for Lent 2021.

Every day from Ash Wednesday (17 February) until Holy Saturday (3 April) a single word will come under the spotlight. Helped by a wide range of images, Susanna Gunner (Diocesan Adviser for Spirituality and Discipleship) will very briefly explore each word, offering one or two ideas for us to mull over each day. A strong seam of hope will weave its way throughout the whole.

Sign up here to have each day’s word sent automatically to your email inbox. You’ll also be able to access them via all the diocesan social media channels; on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram. We hope this will have wide appeal so please do spread the word to your community and beyond.


Dear Susanna,Your 40 words for 40 days were most inspirational. Thank you very much. Your research was as thorough as it always is, and your comments rich and meaningful. Several of my friends have also expressed their appreciation for this Lent Course and all it's richness.

Elizabeth Scott

24 April 2021

Corrected link from main 40 days index page. Lovely series.

My wife and I got a lot of solace from this series. Nigel.

Nigel Williams

07 April 2021

Food for thought

Thank you very much for the really inspiring meditations and the incredible art work which complemented the thoughtful words. Each day was a delight to read and reflect upon and perfect for whatever faith journey the reader is on. Great preparation for Easter.

Meryl Smith

07 April 2021

Missing these reflections

These daily reflections were absolutely superb and I really looked forward to the next one each day. The paintings were so well chosen, varied and beautiful, and the commentary hit just the right note. The prayers were so simple but so profound. It was a wonderful journey to be on and one that will stay with me for a long time. Thank you for all the thought and care that went into this project.

Lesley Sykes

07 April 2021


Thank-you for the 40 (47) words. I enjoyed trying to guess what the next one would be - never did though! The links to art-works & poetry were hugely helpful & interesting. This Lent would have been a lot more dismal without this daily inspiration. A happy Easter-time to you Susanna.

Elizabeth S.

06 April 2021


Thank you so very much for these words. They have been most helpful on the journey through Lent. It must have taken along while to produce and your knowledge of creative arts has been amazing. A bonus that you have introduced me to some minor but not insignificant artists. Thank you.


05 April 2021

Thank you

Thank you, Susanna for a wonderfully reflective series of words and pictures to help us through Lent.

Richard Middleton

05 April 2021

40 Days

This has been such a brilliant daily reflection, dear Susanna. Thank you so much. it has been deep and satisfying as well as delightful. And now is Christ risen - Alleluia!


04 April 2021

such Lenten sustenance

These spare, accessible and art/poetry filled reflections have made a real difference to our Lent Group discussions helping us re connect with our world in these strange times. Brilliant initiative!

Patsy Thomson

02 April 2021

Thank you

Dear Revd. Canon Gunner,Thank you so much for this moving and thought provoking journey through lent. The chosen words, the paintings and your writing combined to set each day off in thoughtful reflection.Your brother in law recommended them to me and I am so grateful to him for pointing me in your direction.Thank you so much.Gillian Newman

Gillian Newman

02 April 2021

Thank you for these daily words , readings and art

Greetings ! I have been part of a Monday Lenten group with Rev Fiona Newton , using Rev Susannah's 40 words for 40 days as our basis for reflection and sharing. It has been such a powerful gathering,, incoporating folks not only from the UK and Scotland but also from North Carolina, and Florida, Thanks to these words we have been able to stretch hands and hearts across the waters and continents. Bless you for the time and pure intent, the gift that will remain with us all for many years to come as we printed out and saved on our computers. Blessings and Gods Peace, Clare

clare tager

29 March 2021

Brilliant series for Lent

I am really enjoying this series... It's well done, concise, thought provoking and informative. The ones that have spoken the most to me so far are TEST & NOW but we are only at day 27 so I look forward to more. I really enjoy the "picture" of the day and the fact I can listen to the words while meditating on the picture... That works so well for me! I have encouraged many friends to "have a go" and forwarded links.. Thankyou so much for taking us on a wonderful journey of exploration during Lent.


19 March 2021


I am very much appreciating your 40 Words and sending it to those in the congregation on email at Upton and Fishley. I am retired but learning more and more!! Love the art connection. Thanks. Ron

Revd Ron Ingamells

18 March 2021


Thank you so much for these insightful 40 words for Lent. I am finding them very helpful.

Bridget Hill

15 March 2021

Thank you

Dear SusannaThanks so much for this daily spiritual sustenance. Here at SH+ED Church, Costessey we really value your insights and use of art and literature. We have created a Lent group that meet on thursdays to discuss the words given in the week. Also people are sharing your reflections with others in their families and friendship groups. So be encouraged and thank you!


10 March 2021

Thank you

These are such a good way to help me be present and to think during this particular Lent. Thank you so much for the hard work that gone into each of these mini mediations.PaxWendy

Wendy Evans

02 March 2021

Thank you

I look forward to receiving 40 words for 40 days. Your Lent reflections last year were inspired visually and spiritually.

Georgina Sayer

17 February 2021

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