Safeguarding Training Programme Spring 2019

The Safeguarding Training programme is now available here for spring 2019.  This year we are planning 6 months at a time as the National Training Programme is going to be updated in the next few months. Further training events may be added, so please do check again periodically if you are unable to manage any of the current dates.

We are now in a position to offer more sessions of the C2 training which is the level required for those who have safeguarding leadership responsibilities, including those running activities with Children or Vulnerable Adults, or those who have some responsibility for those activities. This includes Readers, Clergy with PTO and Named Persons, to name a few. Please check on the Core Safeguarding Modules link further down this page to check the level you need.

If you would like to have C1 training in your parish, please e-mail me, at I will then get back to you to discuss your request as quickly as I can.

Sian Griffiths

Bishop’s Assistant Safeguarding Advisor and Training Lead

For general safeguarding training enquiries, please contact Brenna Wells  at or 01603 629001.


Safeguarding Training

Safeguarding Training and Development


The Diocese of Norwich has completed a Strategic Training Programme which follows the National Practice Guidance: Safeguarding Training and Development (2017).

One of the tasks of the Safeguarding team is to ensure training is available for everyone who has a role in their church.  The level of training you will require depends on the role you have and the amount of work your PCC/Chapter undertakes with vulnerable groups (children and vulnerable adults). Please see the Core Safeguarding Modules Diagram (below) to find out what level of training you are required to do.

C0 training is only available online and can be accessed by following the link for the Church of England Hub below.

C1 training is now available online and can be accessed by following the link for the Church of England Hub below.

You will need to create an account before accessing the training so please follow the instructions on the Home page of the Church of England Hub.  Completing the C0 level first is advisable but not compulsory.

For those without computer access there will be two face to face C1 sessions at Diocesan House each year. There will be an opportunity to deliver parish/benefice based face to face training if there are sufficient numbers of people. Please contact myself or Sian to discuss this.

A further task that the Safeguarding Team need to consider is how the Diocese monitors good safeguarding practice and that all those involved working with vulnerable groups have due regard for safeguarding .  The Bishop continues to monitor that all Clergy and Readers have completed safeguarding training. Now the Diocese will also need to monitor that parishes are adhering to Safer Recruitment and that all those who are working with vulnerable groups or endorsing work with these groups have completed the appropriate level of training.

It is envisaged that there will be further online training available in the future. 

Sue Brice and Sian Griffiths


Telephone: 07342 999386


Follow this link to access C0 and C1 Training:

ELearning Church of England Hub


C1 Training Dates (follow the links to book a place):



C2 Training Dates (follow the links to book a place):


C3 Training Dates (follow the links to book a place):