The Diocese of Norwich is working towards creating a church which is safer for everyone.  Active engagement with safeguarding training supports all those who have a role within the Church to effectively recognise and respond to possible abuse and implement best safeguarding practice.

The Church of England’s Practice Guidance: Safeguarding Training & Development, published in July 2019, provides the  framework for safeguarding training across all Church of England communities. This also sets out the core safeguarding training modules which are a mandatory requirement for particular Church roles (please see below). The training requirements set out are very ambitious and the programme for the period Autumn 2019-Spring 2010 is designed to achieve a balance between the various competing priorities we are working with.

Sian Griffiths Bishop’s Assistant Safeguarding Advisor (Training Lead)



The Safeguarding Training Programme below includes both online and face-to-face training events.  

Safeguarding Modules

Parish Training

Safeguarding Training for Clergy with PTO

Further training events may be added at any time, so please do check again periodically if you are unable to manage any of the current dates.

 If you have any additional queries please contact:


Booking and general administrative queries:

 Brenna Wells at or 01603 629001

Any other queries:

Nicola King, Safeguarding Training Officer at or 07771 736586


Sian Griffiths, Bishop’s Assistant Safeguarding Adviser (Training Lead) at  or 07342 999386



C0 Basic Awareness Module

C0 is the basic safeguarding awareness module. This course is required by anyone who will be going on to complete Foundation or Leadership training.  It is also available to anyone interested in safeguarding. To access this training go to Church of England's Safeguarding Training Portal.  You will need to register and set up an account before accessing the training - so please follow the instructions on the Safeguarding Training Portal.

If you have any problems with accessing the Safeguarding Training Portal  please email


C1 Foundation Module

C1 is the foundation safeguarding module, which situates safeguarding in the context of the Church and equips participants with the knowledge and skills to effectively recognise and respond to possible abuse.

This course is required by anyone who has safeguarding responsibilities or has contact in their church role with children, young people and/or adults who may be vulnerable through their role within the Church.

It can be accessed online via Church of England's Safeguarding Training Portal or through attendance at a C1 training event usually organised within your parish or benefice. The following dates are in addition to these.  Please click on the session you are interested in to view whether or not it is currently open for bookings via Eventbrite.

Thursday 5th September 2019 7pm-9pm St David’s Church, Thorpe End

Tuesday 15th October 2019, 7-9pm at Diocesan House


C2 Leadership Module

C2 is the leadership safeguarding module, which explores roles in implementing parish safeguarding procedures and responding to serious situations and equips participants with the knowledge and skills to embed healthy parish safeguarding practices. C1 must be completed by completed by participants in advance of attending C2 session.

This course is required by anyone who has safeguarding leadership responsibilities or is leading activities in their church role with children, young people and/or vulnerable adults.

Saturday 30th November 2019, 10am - 2pm - St Faith's Church, Gaywood

Saturday 8th February 2020 - 10am-2pm - All Saint's, Necton

Further dates to be announced soon


Safeguarding Training for Clergy with PTO

During autumn 2019-spring 2020 there will be a specific focus on C1 and C2 training events for Clergy with PTO.  Clergy with PTO should complete both C1 and C2 training if they have not done so already.

C1 Foundation Module for Clergy with PTO

Wednesday 11th September 2019 - 2pm-4pm - Diocesan House

Wednesday 23rd October 2019 - 2.30pm-4.30pm - Diocesan House

Thursday 7th November 2019 - 10am-12pm - Diocesan House

Friday 22nd November 2019 - 10am-12pm - Diocesan House

Thursday 28th November 2019 - 10am-12pm - Diocesan House

Tuesday 3rd December 2019 - 10am-12pm - St Faith's, Gaywood

Thursday 16th January 2020 - 10am-12pm - Diocesan House

C2 Leadership Module for Clergy with PTO

Friday 18th October 2019 - 10am-2pm - Diocesan House

Wednesday 4th December 2019 - 10am-2pm - Diocesan House

Friday 31st January 2020 - 10am-2pm - Norwich Cathedral

Wednesday 5th February 2020 - 10am-2pm - Norwich Cathedral

Saturday 18th February 2020 - 10am-2pm - Diocesan House

Tuesday 3rd March 2020 - 10am-2pm - Norwich Cathedral


Parish Training 

We recognise that you may prefer face-to-face training, and/or struggle to attend one of the  training events programmed because of their location.

For this reason C1 and C2 training sessions are being delivered in partnership with the following parishes and benefices across the Diocese for their members, our current commitments are listed below.

If your parish or benefice is also interested in organising a C1 or C2 training for members, then please contact Nicola King, Safeguarding Training Officer at


Parish Training  -  C1

Saturday 7th September 2019                     10am-12noon                    St Peters & St Johns, Kirkley

Tuesday 17th September 2019                    7pm-9pm                            St Nicholas’, Brundall

Thursday 3rd October 2019                         7pm-9pm                            St Thomas’ The Mitre

Thursday 10th October 2019                        7pm-9pm                            St. Michael’s, Reepham

Tuesday 29th October 2019                          7pm-9pm                            St Nicholas’, Bradwell  

Thursday 14th November 2019                    7pm-9pm                            All Saints, Mattishall

Thursday 21st November 2019                    7pm-9pm                            St Peters’ Swainsthorpe

Saturday 18th January 2020                         10am-12noon                    St Mary’s, Diss


Parish Training - C2

Saturday 14th September 2019                    10am-2pm                          St Nicholas’, Brundall

Saturday 2nd November 2019                       10am-2pm                          St Mary’s, Happisbugh

Saturday 25th January 2020                          10am-2pm                          St John’s, Loddon