Face to Faith – Roger Jones

Published on 26 April 2018

Roger is known for his Christian musicals and collections of hymns and songs. He is also an Anglican Reader and Director of Christian Music Ministries. Roger has frequently returned to Norfolk since the 1970s when his first musical, Jerusalem Joy, was performed at Firside Primary School, Hellesdon. The county has hosted a musical or other event almost every year.

What has enriched your faith?

My Christian friends in the sixth form at grammar school were influential, as they invited me to a Baptist youth group called Christian Endeavour. I heard Billy Graham quote Psalm 8:3. I thought if God was big enough to make the heavens, the moon and the stars and yet still be interested in me, that settled it. The Bible came alive through my own studies and conversations with teachers Michael Green, David Watson and my vicar Peter Lawrence, who became a great friend.

Billy Graham’s words have been inspirational and foundational to me ever since but the fellowship and camaraderie of Christian friends and a Renewal Group that supports our ministry have played a large part. Most significant have been my family and especially my wife, Mary.

Have you ever doubted?

Almost every day there are times of doubt, but I step out in faith and trust God when I don’t understand what’s happening. A friend said recently: “Don’t ask ‘what the hell’s going on?’, but rather ask, ‘what the heaven’s going on?’”

What makes you happiest?

Being with my wife and family (we now have six grandchildren) is wonderful, and we can’t get enough of them. I also enjoy seeing Birmingham City win, which is a rare occurrence these days. My first ever trip to Norwich included a visit to Carrow Road to watch Birmingham City play Norwich. Oh, they lost that day (0:4) but that didn’t stop me coming!

What has been your biggest challenge?

Dealing with stuff inside of me personally, that isn’t yet part of the kingdom of God is my biggest challenge. We’ve had tragedies in our family life, like most people. The worst was losing our youngest son to suicide. I am more aware than anything that God holds things together, not me.

What do you think your music brings to people’s faith journey?

I hope it brings knowledge and experience of the Bible and the presence of the Spirit in their lives. People learn through storytelling and music takes it deeper to involve every aspect of our being – intellectual, emotional and spiritual.

What are your hopes for the future?

I’m feeling more creative than ever, bursting with ideas for the ministry. We need to discern what is a ‘God idea’ rather than just a new idea. Ministry has often opened doors for me to lead worship that teaches about the Holy Spirit.

I am currently revising The Torn Curtain, containing a setting of the Anglican Eucharist and parts of Common Worship. I hope to send the musical out for trial in a few Anglican parishes before publishing it later this year. Call 01527 576440 or email bssvpr@pzz.bet.hx to take part in the trial.