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The School Buildings team can offer access to Capital Funding and support for Building Maintenance and Improvements. This work includes preparing the client brief, procurement, client project management, and post completion support. Procurement ensures that best value for money is obtained within Diocesan procurement rules, and that statutory requirements are complied with. The Schools’ Estate and Finance Officer (SEFO) provides expert advice to assist schools in their buildings strategic planning. The SEFO also liaises with the Local Authority officers and NPS to ensure that buildings are developed and maintained to a suitable standard.

Capital works for VA schools are funded largely from the Devolved Formula Capital (DFC) and the LA (Local Authority) Locally Co-ordinated Voluntary Aided Programme (LCVAP). The SEFO secures the LCVAP funding, and liaises with the Education Funding Agency to ensure that all funds are fully utilised on an annual basis. The DFC funds are reclaimed by the Department for Education if they are not spent within three years, and the Finance Officer (FO) uses the Diocesan pooling scheme to ensure all available funds are spent each year. Other funding streams are investigated and schools are supported in their efforts to raise their governors’ 10% contributions to DFC and LCVAP.

The SEFO ensures that where concerns are raised by schools, they are communicated to the relevant Diocesan Officers, School Financial Support is provided mainly by the FO.

Where the Diocese disposes of school sites after closure, the SEFO manages the closure procedures and liaises with the Registrar and Estate Agent during until sales are concluded.

The SEFO is line managed by the Diocesan Director of Education and reports to the Diocesan Board of Education and to its Schools Buildings and Finance Committee.

The role involves liaison with schools on financial matters, and liaison with the Department of Education and other external agencies regarding capital funding (LCVAP and DFC) and is responsible for the completion and submission of the DFC Annual Government Assurance forms.