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We need your help

As part of the application process, the Diocese needs to demonstrate support for its plans and show that local residents and families would want their children to go to a Diocesan ‘sponsored’ (Church of England) school if one was available. Any new school will operate as our current schools and academies do – serving their local community and are for those of all faiths or none.

The level of local support will be a key factor that the Department for Education will be looking at in deciding whether to approve the application or not, and we need to be able to show this support when submitting our application.

If you agree with us that the Church of England should continue to be involved in education then please express your support by completing the short online survey for the area you live in or which is nearest to you.

Complete the short survey

In addition to completing the survey please ask others to do likewise e.g. parishioners, the PCC, your local parent and toddler group, messy church, local parents etc.