Governance training & support

The Diocese offers training to all governors of our church schools.

The relevant details can be found in the governance section of the Supporting  Schools and Academies booklet (available as hard copy and online).

Governors are strongly encouraged to attend the following courses:

  • Introduction to Governance in Church Schools and Academies
  • Introduction to Monitoring in Church Schools and Academies
  • Introduction to the SIAMS Schedule for Governors
  • Embedding statutory Relationships, Relationships and Sex (RSE) and Health Education in Church Schools and Academies

Governors can also request a 90 minute in-school workshop around ‘Implementing Your School Vision.

For information, advice or support regarding:

  • training
  • appointment/reappointment of Foundation Governors
  • reconstitution of governing boards
  • federation of governing boards
  • converting to academy status
  • recruitment of a new headteacher

please email

Governing boards and individual governors can also access advice and training from Educator Solutions’ Governance and Leadership Service (, if the school subscribes to this service.