Governance training & support

The Diocese offers training to all governors of our church schools.

The relevant details can be found in the governance section of the SuSupporting Schools and Academies 2020 -2021 Training Booklet (available as hard copy and online).

Governors are strongly encouraged to attend the following courses:

  • Introduction to Governance in Church Schools and Academies
  • Introduction to Monitoring in Church Schools and Academies
  • Introduction to the SIAMS Schedule for Governors
  • Embedding statutory Relationships, Relationships and Sex (RSE) and Health Education in Church Schools and Academies

Governors can also request a 90 minute in-school workshop around ‘Implementing Your School Vision.

For information, advice or support regarding:

  • training
  • appointment/reappointment of Foundation Governors
  • reconstitution of governing boards
  • federation of governing boards
  • converting to academy status
  • recruitment of a new headteacher

please email

Governing boards and individual governors can also access advice and training from Educator Solutions’ Governance and Leadership Service (, if the school subscribes to this service.