Women in the Shadows

Author: The Clewer Initiative

A new course for Lent 2021 to help shine a light on the suffering of marginalised women

“Each week during Lent, we explore a particular theme, including the stages of a victim’s experience of exploitation, specific types of modern slavery affecting women and girls and ways that we might bring about change and recovery.

“During the course, you will discover how women are drawn into modern slavery and exploitative situations; what life can be like for them once they are rescued, and the many challenges they face as they recover from trauma. You will also find out more about sexual exploitation, labour exploitation and county lines and how to recognise signs of modern slavery.

“The course includes a series of short films and a devotional booklet to guide us. There’s a film for each week, supported by materials to stimulate deeper consideration and reflection.”

Course introduction

Week-by-week summary