The Start Course

Publisher: Leading your Church into Growth

 Start! introduces Christianity through six DVD based interactive, small-group sessions and makes no assumptions about participants’ background or experience or knowledge of Christianity or the church.

Start! really does start from scratch. Each session lasts about 90 minutes and is based around short, lively DVD programmes – two per session – with content filmed in vibrant contexts including Blackpool beach, a fun fair, shopping centre and a junk yard to prompt lively discussion.

There’s time to chat, interactive exercises and space for reflection – all in a style that aims to be honest and enjoyable.

The sessions are easy to run, flexible and work well with big groups as well as small. Above all, taking part in Start! is enjoyable for everyone involved.

As well as those who want to know more about Christianity, Start! works well with baptism families, wedding contacts, bereaved families, parents of children and teenagers and those who are new to the church.

The down-to-earth interactive approach of Start! has proved a winner throughout the UK and overseas – and in every kind of setting: rural, urban and suburban churches, schools, the armed forces, prisons.