The Christmas Story for families to share

Author: Martyn Payne



Colourful, engaging and deceptively simple, The Christmas Story is designed to help parents, grandparents and carers share with their children through a fun and interactive family Bible and prayer time.

Following the success of The Easter Story: for families to share (BRF, 2021), renowned storyteller and Messy Church veteran Martyn Payne brings the same insight, creativity and accessibility to The Christmas Story: for families to share.

Each section contains a key Bible passage, questions to explore, a visual aid to draw people deeper into the story, an activity, a prayer idea, a key verse and a link to the Old Testament narrative. Covering the angel Gabriel’s visit to Mary, Mary’s visit to Elizabeth and the birth of Jesus through to Simeon in the temple, Herod and the wise men and the escape to Egypt, the book ends with the Lord’s Prayer, and the simple graphic of a shining star.

Priced to encourage bulk purchases, this is the perfect Messy Church or Sunday-school gift and is small enough to slip inside a Christmas card to all the families you know.

Praise for Martyn Payne’s stories for families to share

‘A superb resource. If I were still a minister of a local church, I would ensure that every family in my church received a copy!’ Paul Beasley-Murray, Church Matters

‘A little gem which brings the Bible to life, introduces creativity and encourages family prayer.’ Elizabeth Hogg, Transforming Ministry

About the author
Formerly part of BRF’s Messy Church team, Martyn Payne is a gifted storyteller whose previous books, The Big Story (2011) and Creative Ways to Tell a Bible Story (2012), demonstrate the variety of approaches he uses to bring the Bible alive for children and adults alike. He is passionate about the blessing that comes when generations explore faith together.