Swap Party

Run a 'swap party' after Christmas for people to bring unwanted gifts too - give anything left over to charity.

“After the Christmas clear up there are inevitably items you have received that are not wanted or good quality things ready to be given away to make space for the new. It can create a great opportunity to gather people together for a swap party.

– Invite people to bring items they would like to swap.
– Have a limit of how many items people can bring so there are enough to swap but not too many to display.
– Make sure people are asked to bring new or good quality, lightly used items.
– Issue a token for each item brought which can be exchanged for something else.
-Offer a time of browsing for people to see what is on offer, provide refreshements during this time.
– Open for swapping, operate a numbered ticket system for making selction of items fair if necessary.
– Provide bags for people to take things home in.
– Donate any leftover items to charity.

-Locally with posters
– Word of mouth/Individual invitations
– Through Church and parish publications and online.
– Social Media”