Saying Yes to Life

Author: Barbara Bryant

Publisher: SPCK


£8.99 (on Eden books)

The Archbishop of Canterbury's Lent book for 2020

  • Looking for a Lent guide that speaks to faith today?
  • Ruth Valerio helps you relate themes in the Bible to wider world issues
  • You’ll discover a stirring look at environmental, ethical and social issues through faith

Saying Yes to Life lifts our focus from every day (and perfectly natural) concerns to issues that are impacting millions of lives around the world. As people made in the image of God, we are entrusted to look after what God has made – to share in the joy and creativity of God in making a difference for good. Ruth Valerio imaginatively draws on the Days of Creation (Genesis 1 – 2.2) in relating themes of light, water, land, the seasons, other creatures, humankind, Sabbath rest and resurrection hope to matters of environmental, ethical and social concern.

Foundational to the book is what it means to be human and, in particular, to be a follower of Jesus during Lent. Voices from other continents are heard throughout, and each chapter ends with discussion questions, a prayer, and specially commissioned art to aid action and contemplation.

Published by SPCK in December 2019