Lent Fundraising Ideas



This page is designed to give ideas to help you plan events for the Lent Appeal. Below we've listed our top 10 fundraising ideas. (Don't forget to download or order resources such as posters and prayer bookmarks too)

  1. Pancake Party
    Invite your friends, family, neighbours and church members to come along and join in the fun. A small donation can be made on the door which entitles guests to two pancakes with fillings of their choice. Set up a pancake bar with a selection of toppings such as; lemons, sugar, honey, banana, chocolate buttons, sprinkles, …the list goes on! If you’re feeling energetic after all those pancakes you could even have a pancake race
  2. Lent lunches
    Why not hold a week of Lent lunches? This is a great chance to get your community together and support the Lent Appeal Project.
  3. Prayer walking
    Start a prayer walking group around your village or town for Papua New Guinea. We would always recommend walking in pairs, especially at night.
  4. No technology day / week / month 
    Why not give up technology for a day / week / month and get sponsored for it. Give up all technology (or selected technology) for however long you think you can cope.
  5. Auction of Promises
    Ask members of your church and community if they will promise to wash cars, mow lawns or do housework and auction off the promises to the highest bidder.
  6. Friday Fish & Chips evening
    Traditionally during Lent, Christians did not to eat meat on Fridays. So why not start a Fish & Chips evening and invite your community.
  7. Barn dance / Celeidh
    Always a popular evening! Hire a music group to organise the dancing or alternatively try being the caller yourself.
  8. Cake sale
    Baking is a great activity for all ages and can really bring people together. If your church hall has the facilities why not bake something during Sunday school with the children and sell it at tea and coffee time? Alternatively, hold a coffee morning and ask people to donate cakes and treats.
  9. Football Match (running or walking)
    Ask a local team to play a match against your church team or play your youth group against the senior members of your church. Ask each player to pay a fee to play and sell tickets to the game. Organise a raffle at half time and ask for prizes to be donated by local businesses. 
  10. Papua New Guinea evening
    Sell tickets to an evening get together and serve traditional Papua New Guinean food. If your church has some great musicians why not ask them to play during the evening.

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