How Stuff Works

Publisher: Christian Vision for Men



A Bible app resource which takes new or not yet Christian men through the basic 'tools' of the Christian faith.

Christian Vision for Men (CVM) recently launched some daily readings on the Bible app (YouVersion) aimed at men with little or no Christian faith. They’re collectively called ‘How Stuff Works’.

The ‘How Stuff Works’ daily readings are for those men who have never picked up a Bible (to read), who haven’t really prayed before and don’t go to church, except for the odd funeral or wedding.

They’re a collection of thoughts based on how God stuff works.

How the key resources God has given us (Prayer, Bible and Church) are real and relevant. They explain, in a simple way with honest answers and without any gloss or confusing ‘Christian’ language, how to get into them.

The aim; to get more guys using these tools, and as a result, learn more about the truth of Jesus and build a relationship with Him.

The ‘How Stuff Works’ daily readings can now be found on the YouVersion Bible app.

Just open the app, and search in ‘Plans’ for ‘How Stuff Works’. There you will find 3 separate reading plans covering the above subjects.

…You can download the YouVersion Bible app to your smart phone or tablet for free, if you don’t already have it.


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