Discipleship Walking in Small Groups

Publisher: Diocese of Peterborough

The disciples spent many hours walking with Jesus, much of their apprenticeship happened on the roads and in the fields around Galilee - incorporate this into your spiritual life.

Journeying ‘in the dust’ of a rabbi was an important part of 1st-century Jewish teaching culture. Walking, talking, listening, telling stories, being quiet and just noticing. Noticing the beautiful intricacies of creation, seeing the world through God’s eyes, looking for opportunities to bless people, listening to the sound of birds and pausing to reflect. Walking with Jesus is a really important part of discipleship.

As restrictions are relaxed, we may have more opportunity to get outside and experience what it felt like for the disciples to walk with Jesus. Whether you’re gently wandering round a neighbourhood park or hiking miles through the countryside, here are some important things to remember and some top tips that will help your conversations to come alive. Please make sure that you follow social distancing rules if you are planning a walk.