Diddy Disciples

Author: Sharon Moughtin-Mumby


£29.99 per book (two books)

Worship and storytelling resources for babies, toddlers, and young children

Diddy Disciples is a creative and playful new worship and Bible storytelling resource for babies, toddlers and young children. Diddy Disciples aims to encourage participation, discipleship and leadership from children’s earliest years, using storytelling, singing, colour, repetition, art and lots and lots of movement! Peer-learning is actively encouraged with many opportunities for young children to learn from each other.

Groups are invited to build their own Diddy Disciples sessions, choosing from different options. Leaders can use the material to create a service to follow the pattern of their church’s Sunday worship, a simple midweek baby and toddler singing session, or anything in between!

Leaders can use the material to create a service that follows the pattern of their church’s Sunday worship, a simple mid-week baby and toddler singing session or anything in between!

Book One includes over 20 weeks’ worth of fully worked-out sessions organised into four-six week units from September to December, all the information you need to set up and run Diddy Disciples in your group and plenty of opportunities to tailor the material to your own context, resources and tradition. There are all sorts of creative ‘starter ideas’ for using everyday art and play resources to spark children’s imaginations and engagement as they respond to the biblical stories. The Units are:

  • Jesus’ wonderful love: six weeks introducing some of Jesus’ most famous parables
  • God the maker: six weeks on creation and caring for it, including a Harvest celebration
  • In November we remember: four weeks including All Saints and Remembrance Sunday
  • Getting ready for baby Jesus: five weeks journeying through Advent to Christmas.

Book Two includes 36 weeks’ worth of fully worked-out sessions for key festivals and seasons of the church year, as well as the same tailor-to-purpose and creative features of Book One.

The units are:

  • Jesus, Light of the World! (Epiphany)
  • John the Baptist (the weeks before Lent)
  • The Journey to the Cross (Lent)
  • Jesus Is Alive! Alleluia! (Easter)
  • Let Your Kingdom Come (Green Time)
  • God’s Best Friend, Moses (Green Time)

‘This is a book for those who take children seriously. A wonderful, practical resource for those who want to nurture children to be disciples in their own right: to pray, to engage with Scripture, to contribute to worship, to play their part as children of God. A must-read for those who work and volunteer with very young children.’
The Most Revd Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury

The author of Diddy Disciples, Sharon Moughtin-Mumby, is an Anglican priest, Bible scholar, writer, and mother.