Create a prayer tree to share a prayer

Use a tree in church to share names and requests of those who the church community can pray for such as new babies, Christening families, those who are sick or in need, new residents, people with birthdays.

Place a potted tree or branches in a weighted vase in a noticeable place in the church.

Write a welcoming notice inviting people to write their name or prayer request on a card and hang it on the tree. Say when the prayers will be said for the requests.

Don’t forget to leave a well stocked basket of pens and cards threaded with string for people to write on and hang on the tree. You may like to change these to reflect the season or activity throughout the year such as flowers or birds in the spring, autumn leaves and fruits at harvest or tags from old Christmas cards during Advent.

You may like to think of creative or new ways to pray for requests left. Have the children and Youth say prayers or ask each person in the congregation to take a card and pray all at the same time in intercession.

Following on from welcoming new residents to the area, write down their names and continue to pray for them in church.