Coming Back to God When You Feel Empty

Author: Tanya Marlow

Publisher: Create Space



Whispers of restoration from the book of Ruth

Where do you go when you’re feeling empty, disappointed with God, and you need some sort of path back to faith? The Old Testament book of Ruth is a surprisingly good place to start, as Tanya Marlow discovered when she gave birth and lost the ability to walk more than twenty metres. A former lecturer in Biblical Theology, she gently interweaves her own story with Ruth’s story, getting under the skin of the characters, and bringing the biblical book to life. She has personally wrestled with spiritual disappointment and doubt, and knows what it is to search for hope when you’re feeling empty. The five chapters of this short book follow the structure of the Bible’s book of Ruth, and there are creative exercises and questions for reflection at the end of each chapter. Ideal for both small group Bible study discussion and personal enrichment, Coming Back to God When You Feel Empty is a compelling, uplifting, and quick read for anyone who wants to reconnect with God.

Tanya Marlow is an author, speaker and broadcaster on faith and spirituality. She is also a campaigner for those with chronic illness, disability and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.).

Formerly a lecturer in biblical theology, with a decade of experience in Christian ministry, she has been published by The Spectator, Relevant, Premier Christianity magazine and others.