A Guide to Reimagining Church

Author: Tim Yau

Publisher: Diocese of Norwich

A guide and series of five reflection cards showing short Bible studies to help shape your thoughts around being Church today.

“Reimagining Church, in one sense, is not anything new. It’s highlighting the resources that are already out there. But what it’s really about is going back to basics. It’s saying: what does it mean to be church? What is God calling us to be? What does the Bible say about church? What does this tradition or that tradition say about church?

“It’s a series of questions helping us to think through what it means to be church; where we are; what are we; and particularly what we are called to be. What are our skills; what are our talents; who are the people we’re trying to reach; how can we share our faith, wherever we’re called to be: whether it’s in a parish, or in an urban setting or rural setting.”  Author Tim Yau.

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