West Norfolk churches show the way with tree planting

13 February 2020

Churches Together in King’s Lynn have launched a project called West Norfolk Trees of Hope to encourage large-scale tree planting. The organising team reports.

Tree planting a natural way to remove carbon from the atmosphere and reduce global warming. In addition to making big cuts in our emissions we need to remove billions of tons of carbon from the atmosphere.

The good news is that trees offer a natural solution. Over its lifetime a tree can absorb nearly 500kg of carbon, so planting and preserving trees on a global scale can make a tremendous difference.

Our vision is an ongoing initiative of tree planting beginning on Saturday 22 February with The Big Plant, a project to plant 500 trees at King’s Reach, in partnership with the Borough Council.

Join us in planting at least one tree for each member of our churches – and, of course, the project is open to the wider community!

Get involved:


  • £5 will fund 2 small trees (“whips”) with guards
  • £10 = 4 whips
  • £50 = 20+ whips

Cheques to King’s Lynn Churches Together marked ‘Trees of Hope’ on the back (given to your church leader) or donate online via Facebook

Join us at The Big Plant
Planting “whips” is light work! Meet on Anthony Nolan Road, (just beyond Fairstead) PE30 4GD, between 9.30am and 3pm. Bring a spade if you can and we’ll provide the trees and the hot chocolate!

More information:
Email: gerrfbsubcr@tznvy.pbz
Telephone Daphne: 07914 454816

This article originally appeared in Network Norfolk.



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