Pupils question their MP in virtual Q&A session

13 November 2020

Year 5 and 6 pupils at Fairhaven Church of England VA Primary School, South Walsham were looking forward to a visit from their local MP, Jerome Mayhew where they then engaged him in a Question and Answers session.

When the new lockdown was announced they were determined to press ahead and requested that an online video meeting took place. And that’s what happened!

Many topics were explored in a 45-minute discussion such as climate change, pollution and activism. The pupil-led ‘Our Healthy Earth’ group were particularly articulate and well-informed and were pleased to hear Jerome’s detailed answers including the importance of environmentalism not being politicised.

Pupils also spoke about the school’s values and explored this area. Their use of open questions was excellent and gave Jerome the opportunity to talk about the importance of trust, honesty and belief. Discussion around the value of friendship and community concluded in agreement that these are such important aspects of life in school and beyond.

One more light-hearted question led to the discovery that Jerome is a rugby fan and, much to the dismay of the questioners, has not watched a Norwich City game. He did say he’d welcome an invitation to a match however!

Headteacher Stephanie Lake said,

“There was a great sense of purpose in this Question and Answer session. The children asked questions that were important to them and were interested in Mr Mayhew’s answers. We are looking forward to a follow up visit in the Summer of 2021!”

Speaking about the experience, a pupil said,

“It was a fantastic experience, all our questions were answered in great detail.”

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