Ashill church celebrates five years of CAP Debt Centre

19 November 2019

Working with people in the depths of despair to show them the way forward and to show them the love of God is an immense privilege.

On Sunday 6 October the Fountain of Life Church at Ashill held a service to celebrate five years of the Mid Norfolk CAP Debt Centre and heard testimony of its life-changing impact.

At a celebration service and shared lunch on Sunday 6 October, the Fountain of Life Church at Ashill celebrated the fifth anniversary of the Mid Norfolk CAP Debt Centre.  During the service a member of the church gave her testimony of going debt-free through the Mid Norfolk Debt Centre describing how she has never looked back and has since been baptised.

Speaking about the work of Christians Against Poverty nationally, CAP Speaker David Riddington said:

“It is currently estimated that up to 1.5m people in the UK live in what is classed as destitution; going without meals, heating etc. and this number is growing.  Debt situations cause people to have mental health issues; they often struggle to open their post and can be fearful of opening the front door in case the visitor might be a bailiff.” 

David pointed to Isaiah chapter three which describes how poor people in Judah were desperate and downtrodden and needed to know that God existed and cared for them.  He said: “CAP services are working with people in the depths of despair to show them the way forward and to show them the love of God”.

Heather Nunn, the Project Manager of the Mid Norfolk Debt Centre said:

“It has been a real privilege to be involved with the Mid Norfolk CAP Debt Centre over the past five years and to be able to provide a way forward out of debt at no cost to the client. Sadly this service, which is run by the church in partnership with the national charity and funded by donations from churches, organisations and individuals, is still no less needed.  We pray that with continued commitment from people to keep us fully funded, we can maintain this service for as long as it is needed in Mid Norfolk.”

For more information on this service or how you might help please contact Heather on 07943 045939

This article originally appeared in Network Norfolk.


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