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Holt’s biodiverse activities enable creation connections

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The UK is one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world* Data shows that since 1970 UK species have declined by about 19 per cent on average, and nearly one in six species are now threatened with extinction. We need to tackle the climate and biodiversity crises in tandem and recovering nature can provide many solutions to climate change. Enabling people to connect with creation can encourage them to cherish it in return.

St Andrew’s, Holt are helping people to do just that through a wide variety of means. Their churchyard is sensitively managed enabling a rich diversity of plants and animals with a mowing plan in place to allow for access to tended graves. Seven interpretation boards explaining the “what and why” of this are “proving popular with all ages.” They participate in Churches Count on Nature week and found 101 species of plant in their churchyard last June as well as recording in other churchyards in Holt. This attracted local people and took place in partnership with nature organisations and experts – garnering interest, enthusiasm and creating connection. An annual litter pick – again in partnership with others – adds a pastoral element to their activities.

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