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Living Spirituality

Mon 24 Jan - Sun 6 Mar


'Living Spirituality' offers a rich, and thought-provoking e-learning experience. Whatever your starting point, it will help you delve more deeply into your faith and spiritual life.

This is the perfect course if you are keen to deepen your engagement with your faith and spirituality and also to strengthen the integration between them and every other aspect of your life. It also links well with the focus of the first year of our new Diocesan Vision – “Transformed by Christ: Prayerful”.

Peter Nicholls (course facilitator) says the course is a ‘profound’ one. In six brief weeks, such areas as how we live out our Christian discipleship, our experiences of prayer, and how we might continue to become who we are by listening to God, all come under the spotlight. A much more detailed description of the content and how the course works can be found in a separate document below. You can participate in this course without leaving your home and can cover the ground at times most convenient for you. And don’t worry about the IT aspect: Peter says that if you can send and receive emails and browse a website, you’ll be fine!

There are no wrong/right answers. Instead, the hope is that through thinking and sharing together, course participants will learn from each other as well as from the facilitators journeying alongside. You should probably expect to spend three to four hours per week on course material, though you don’t need to be ‘connected’ all that time, and to visit the website most days in the week at times to suit yourself. There will be an optional zoom introduction to using the course website on the Wednesday or Thursday evening of the week before the start date.

So come on – jump in and see where the journey takes you!

If you have any questions about the course which you’d like answered before booking a place, please email Peter Nicholls:  ppy@nyyoryvriref.bet

To book, please email Susanna Gunner: fhfnaan.thaare@qvbprfrbsabejvpu.bet

Please book in advance

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