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Life, Death and Christian Hope: an e-learning course for Lent 2021

Wed 17 Feb - Sun 28 Mar


Join this flexible, home-based, tutored, online course and explore the themes of life, death and hope that are at the very heart of our faith. This course is open to all.

Facilitator Peter Nicholls offers the following description of the way the course will be run and outlines its content:

John Wesley is reported as saying: “Our people know how to die well.”

This course may help you to prepare for a Christian death, but that’s not the only reason for signing up! The subjects are fundamental aspects of Christian understanding at the core of what we believe, giving us confidence to live as Jesus lived. And even if our own death is, we pray, a long way off, most of us encounter people who may not be so far away or who have lost loved ones and are asking deep questions, craving a Christian answer. One might even say a “true” Christian answer, free from some of the doggerel that can inhabit bereavement cards.

So, the aim of this five-and-a-bit-week learning event is to think about the Christian meaning of the last things. The topics are:

  • Get familiar with the learning website; get to know one another a bit.
  • Death and Resurrection;
  • Judgement and eternal life;
  • The coming of Christ.
  • What about Planet Earth?

Many people in the diocese have experienced eLearning as courses like this have been running since 2011. Our ‘returners’ will be pleased to know that the format of this course is much the same as previous courses. But if you’re unfamiliar with this medium, be encouraged that you need no more IT skill than being able to send an email and move around a website. There is some teaching material, and a number of on-line discussions with other learners using ‘forums’ that you can post to and read at any time of day or night. We use questionnaires sometimes, and the occasional ‘wiki’ for collaborative work. I will actively facilitate the course, participating in the forums, asking and answering questions and generally making sure everyone is OK. Course material uses text, images, music, voice and occasionally video. It is presented in digestible chunks, with opportunities for you to respond as you go along.

End-of-course evaluations have always been very good, with most people saying they have learnt (and been blessed on their Christian journey) more than they have on comparable face-to-face events. There is a lot of ‘repeat business’ – people coming back for course after course.

The time expectation is somewhere in the region of three to four hours a week, and you’ll do best if you spread this over three or more visits to the website: i.e. little and often is much better than one long stint of several hours.

There is an optional zoom gathering on Thursday 18 February at 7pm for those who’d like to physically see other learners and have a demonstration of how the learning website works. But you won’t be disadvantaged if you can’t join – there’s plenty of paper guidance on how to use what is an intrinsically easy system.

If you have any questions about the course which you’d like answered before booking a place, please email Peter Nicholls.

To book, please email Canon Susanna Gunner.

Using the e-commerce facility, it will be possible for those who book places to make a donation towards the costs of this course. Such donations will be particularly welcome at a time when the effects of coronavirus have impacted so seriously upon diocesan finances. However, to offer a donation is optional and only for those who can afford it and is in NO way a requirement.

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