Property Team

We are committed to caring for our clergy so they can carry out their mission with the Diocese.  By providing over 250 quality houses and taking care of maintenance, repairs and improvements, we help clergy to fully concentrate on their role within the community they serve.

Property repairs (during office hours) 
Tel: 01603 882363
Or email: with photographs

Contacting the Property Department


Alan Cole
Director of Property Services
01603 881730



Charles Thurston
Diocesan Surveyor
01603 882364



Yvette Sullivan
Customer Service & Property Administrator
01603 882363



Sally Finn
Property Administrator & PA to Director of Property Services
01603 882361



Ben Conway
Glebe (land) Surveyor (Tuesdays & Thursdays)
01603 882360



Laurence Gage
Property Management Surveyor
01603 881725