The Church's presence and engagement in a multi-faith society

Interfaith Adviser

The Rt Revd David Gillett is Interfaith Adviser for the Diocese of Norwich.

He can be contacted on 01379 640309 or via


National programme

Presence and Engagement is the Church of England’s national programme equipping Christians for mission and ministry in the wonderful diversity of our multi faith society. The programme has developed a new language for this work, focusing on the importance of the Church both remaining present in multi religious areas and engaging positively with communities of other faiths. Presence and Engagement is different from inter faith dialogue, although complementary to it. The programme focusses on the task of resourcing the Church for work which will include, but is not limited to, dialogue with people of different faiths.

Their website aims to bring together resources for clergy, congregations, chaplaincies  and schools who want to follow Jesus in loving their neighbours of different faiths.