Papua New Guinea

The Norwich and Papua New Guinea link group works to support, friendship, projects and mission to bring together the country of Papua New Guinea and the county of Norfolk.

A connection was first established by Bishop David Hand from Norfolk, who went on to be the first Archbishop of PNG in 1977. David’s father was vicar of Tatterford, Norfolk and when David retired as Archbishop of Port Moresby in PNG, he returned to be Priest in Charge of several parishes in West Norfolk.

The connection with the Norwich Diocese was continued by Peter Fox as Bishop of Port Moresby (2002-2006), then Bishop Peter Ramsden, and currently through the work of The Bishop of Lynn, Jonathan Meyrick.

Papua New Guinea is a new and diverse country, known locally as the Land of the Unexpected. The Anglican Church has a strong presence across the nation, in the highlands and islands, playing an important role in the life of the people and communities.

The link group continues the connections and involvement, supporting the church and people through projects, outward giving and ministry.

Part of the work of the Link group is in connection with The Bishop of Norwich’s Lent Appeals. They are biannually focused on Papua New Guinea and the diocese has raised large amounts of money to deliver support where needed; in recent years classrooms, church building projects and community and health endeavours.

The Papua New Guinea Link Group is made up of clergy and lay people who are committed to working together in raising awareness and the profile of Papua New Guinea and enabling support to be provided for the Anglican Church and its people.

Our team includes:

  • The Revd Phil Charlesworth
  • The Revd Sue Martin
  • The Revd Janet Allan
  • Mr James Allan

Download a prayer for Papua New Guinea

Lent Appeal 2020 – Travel help for church in Dogura

Travel from the Dogura plateau to the nearest village is difficult and unreliable. People walk miles for health reasons, to meet with others, and to go to church. The money raised has purchased the sturdy vehicle (pictured below), which is hugely appreciated and has made such a difference to people’s lives.

Below are some photographs from our missionary couple in Papua New Guinea. Some of the money collected from the Bishop’s 2018 Lent Appeal was given to support the Youth Camp and the building of a new church.