Self-Supporting Ministers

We celebrate our Self-Supporting Ministers (SSMs) in all their many and varied roles and callings: they are a rich part of the diverse ways this diocese serves our people.

Bishop Graham shares his vision for SSMs.


What is self-supporting ministry?

Self-Supporting Ministers have undertaken theological training and are ordained as deacons and then priests; they might serve full-time or part-time in the parish, they might combine this with paid employment in a workplace or have voluntary roles in the community, they might be chaplains full-time or part-time.

Each individual Self-Supporting Minister works within the parish system, yet follows their unique vocational path, led by God and licensed by the Bishop.

Theological training for Self-Supporting Ministers is usually on a regional course, but is sometimes residential.


Supporting Self-Supporting Ministers

The Bishop of Thetford has responsibility for the Diocesan Ministry Team which includes:

  • The Revd Canon Keith James, Director of Ministry
  • The Revd Dr Michael Fox, Bishop’s Officer for Ordinands & Initial Ministerial Education (BOOIT)
  • The Revd Alaric Lewis, Vocations Outreach Officer (part-time)
  • The Revd Canon Susanna Gunner, Spirituality & Discipleship Adviser (part-time)
  • The Revd Susan Hemsley Halls, Authorised Worship Assistants Co-ordinator (part-time)
  • The Revd Charles Read, Licensed Lay Ministry Training Coordinator (part-time)

For information and support in connection with this type of ministry, please contact the Revd Carol Pritchard, Bishop’s Adviser for SSM on or 07759 801622.



Exploring a vocation in self-supporting ministry

To explore a vocation in self-supporting ministry, please go to the Vocations area.

You might then have an initial conversation with the Revd Dr Michael Fox, Bishop’s Officer for Ordinands & Initial Training (BOOIT), or go straight to a Vocations Advisor, many of whom are or have been Self-Supporting Ministers or Licensed Lay Ministers.