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Below are a list of resources that churches and individuals may wish to use for Remembrance day and other remembrance events. 

Resources created to commemorate World War I are the bottom of this page.



Mulbarton Community Choir Resources

Below are both the Primary and Seconday materials for the Mulbarton Community Choir competition

General Resources


Primary Resources


Secondary Resources


Church of England resources

Resources for parishes and groups to use: Bible readings, hymns, songs, music, literature and art, a selection of different kinds of prayer (including a Litany of remembrance), an outline for a service around a War Memorial and material for use in a Requiem Eucharist can be found here.


We Will Remember Them – Young Voices Festival Service

A complete service for young people by The Royal School of Church Music (RSCM). We will remember them comes with appropriate hymns, songs, readings and prayers. Choirs only need to purchase a single book with accompanying CD-ROM from which copies for singers and congregation can be printed. Price £25

Roots WWI Commemoration all-age service - Voices of 1914-1918: Wartime letters

The service suggests drawing upon the correspondence of serving soldiers and their families to help worshippers get in touch with the experience and feelings of those involved at the fronts and at home. The text of the service offers some examples but letters or diaries may be available from church members or others involved in planning. 


You can find a number of resources for Remembrance services and events on the HOPE website.

Battle of The Somme Toolkit

The Royal British Legion is encouraging communities to remember the centenary of the Battle of the Somme and has produced a toolkit to assist with commemorative events. You can find the resources here.


Books and printed resources


Mapping Remembrance

Mapping Remembrance is a series of six 'maps' focusing on All Saints, All Souls and Remembrance Sunday.

Drawing on the arts and topical issues to enrich textual study and theological reflection. The ‘maps’ in this series offer ideas, information and an introduction to a whole range of resources, and may be particularly useful to those who lead worship.

The maps may be useful to those who lead worship, lay or ordained, and is perfect for any individual or group wanting to reflect afresh upon this period of the Christian year and live more deeply ‘in the season’.

To get your copy of Mapping Remembrance please click here.resize_image.jpg


WWI Active Service John’s Gospel 

Scripture Gift Mission gave away millions of pocket-sized Scriptures during the First World War, to soldiers, prisoners and refugees. They have reissued this replica edition of John’s Gospel (NIV) for use in schools, churches and remembrance events. Available for free as a mission resource, or for donation. For large orders of 300 copies or more please contact them directly on 020 7730 2155

Hear My Cry

A collection of poetry, prayers, hymns and psalms by the Bible Society.

It also includes personal stories of people who fought in the War, many of whose Bibles and diaries survived and are pictured in the book. The accounts, extracts, letters and psalms can be used in church services, schools or for individual and community reflections. 


Commemorations for the First World War

Please find more resources for services, prayers and background information of World War One from the Church of England website on the following links:

A selection of biblical and non-blical readings, prayers, litanies and music

Liturgical Resources for use at services commemorating the anniversary of World War One.


You can also find a service around a War Memorial on the following website:

An Outline for a Service Around a First World War Memorial


Some related websites with useful information and ideas can be found below:

WWI Education Resources for Teachers

Rare images and information about prisoners of war from Heritage Calling.

A range of information and resources from the British Legion

Help knit 17,000 poppies for the Royal British Legion!

Helping to knit 5000 poppies for the Victorian RSL



Tower Beacons

The 2018 commemorations of the end of the First Word War in has given rise to fresh interest in beacons on church towers. Ecclesiastical has revised its guidance on church tower beacons, which is available here.