Anna Chaplaincy

Anna Chaplaincy is a ministry which offers spiritual care in later life.

What is Anna Chaplaincy?

The name Anna Chaplain was chosen for its echoes of Anna, the widow and faithful older person who, together with Simeon, recognised the baby Jesus as the Messiah and the fulfilment of God’s promises.

In a world where social isolation is an identified issue in many of our communities and at a time when the elderly have been some of the most affected by the COVID pandemic, the Church’s ministry to the elderly is now more important than ever.

Anna Chaplaincy provides a means of training, equipping and releasing people who will minister amongst the most vulnerable and needy in our communities.

We have sought to create a Diocesan-wide network of Anna Chaplains who come together at regular intervals to support, encourage and share good practice with one another.

If you would like to find out more, then please get in touch with Revd Canon Nigel Tuffnell  or Gaye Hailstone.

A note from from Revd Canon Nigel Tuffnell, Diocesan Chaplaincy Co-ordinator

You may have heard much about the Church of England striving to reach younger people. This is wonderful, and I fully support this work. However, all people are made in the image of God (Gen 1.27). Furthermore, the Church is one family, God’s family. This means that no one is left behind in our excitement to reach new people. Those who are older are just as valuable and are equally essential to the health of the church as those who are younger. I am therefore delighted to be Anna Chaplaincy Co-ordinator for Norwich Diocese. I hope that many more will enthusiastically support this essential ministry. If you would like to know more, please get in touch.