Faculty Fees

Faculties - Parochial Applications

The fees  payable in respect of Faculty matters with effect from 1st March 2016 are set out in the The Ecclesiastical Judges, Legal Officers and Others (Fees) Order 2015. No fee is currently payable by individual parishes for straightforward Faculty Applications. The cost of these applications is met by the Diocese out of its general budget.  The exception to this is for retrospective faculty fees which will no longer be met from the diocesan budget but are payable directly by the PCC.

Faculties - Private Applications

In the Diocese of Norwich the current fee payable (from 1 January 2014) when lodging the Petition is £249.60 (inclusive of VAT at 20%). A cheque should be made payable to Birketts LLP and sent to the Diocesan Registry with the Petition.

On the granting of a Faculty to authorise the reservation of a grave space, in addition to the fee due on lodging the Petition, the applicant will normally be asked to pay a sum to the PCC to cover the future cost of maintaining the grave space. This will be a condition of the faculty, and the faculty will be issued to the applicant once confirmation has been received that this contribution has been paid.

Additional Fees for Judgments and Directions

In cases where protracted correspondence is required with the Registry, or where the Chancellor considers it appropriate to record the Court’s decision by a written judgement, an additional correspondence fee may be payable by the Parish. The Fees are set in section 4 of the current Fees Order, and are £140+VAT for additional correspondence and £126+VAT per hour in relation to any written judgement prepared by the Chancellor.

Parochial Fees

Fees payable to clergy and Parochial Church Councils for Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals, Burials, Memorials and Searches of Records are currently set out in The Parochial Fees and Scheduled Matters Amending Order 2014, which deals with revised fees for the period from 1 January 2015 until 31st December 2019.

The Order provides for annual indexation of the base fees listed in the Order, by reference to the Retail Prices Index, from 1 January 2016 onwards. The current fees table may be found at Fee Table 2016.

Marriage Licences

The fees payable for a Common Licence (issued by Diocesan Registry on behalf of the Bishop) are £120.00, of which £32.00 is payable to the surrogate, £69.00 to the Diocesan Registrar and £19.00 to the Vicar-General.

The fee payable for a Special Licence (issued by the Faculty Office in Westminster on behalf of the Archbishop of Canterbury) is £250.00. Once the application has been approved, one of the parties will have to swear an affidavit (a formal statement) to confirm the information given. This can be done in front of an Anglican minister (to whom a fee of £5.00 will be payable) near to where the parties to the proposed marriage reside, or at the Faculty Office (when no extra fee is charged).