Maps of parishes/benefices

Download free OS maps showing parish, benefice and deanery areas.

As of October 2020 new maps have been produced of every parish, benefice, deanery and archdeaconry within the diocese.

These can be downloaded for free and used in any context, such as in:

  • parish and benefice profiles or growth plans,
  • parish magazines,
  • promotional material,
  • funding applications, and more…

The copyright notice in the bottom right of every map must always be visible on or next to each map.


If you have any questions please contact Barbara Kirk on 01603 882349 or

If you wish to add a map to your church website we recommend you link to your parish or benefice map via and do not use the image files.

It is important to note that map boundaries are set by the Church Commissioners and changed only by Pastoral Measure. We cannot show adapted, draft or ‘working’ boundaries which have not been formally approved.