Fresh Expressions of Church

A Fresh Expression is different way of 'being church' for our changing culture, shaped for those who are not yet part of any church. 

See where Fresh Expressions of church are located in our Diocese below:

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What are fresh expressions of church?

A fresh expression of church  is any venture that works mainly with non-churchgoers and aims to become church.  This may be but is not necessarily what most people would think of as a "church plant".  A fresh expression of church is:

  1. Missional - it works mainly with non-churchgoers    
  2. Contextual - it seeks to fit the context
  3. Formational - it aims to form disciples            
  4. Ecclesial - it intends to become church


Support for fresh expressions

Fresh Expressions have created a series of guides explaing more entitled 'Essential Fresh Expressions'. Each guide is a brief overview and can be read in 3 minutes!