Connecting with Schools

We have brought together some practical examples of good practice and ideas for ways that the members of the church and school community can share in and contribute to each other’s work and role.



Connect with your local school through Pray.Bake.Read


Inspired Classrooms

Top tips on engaging with and supporting your local schools, uniformed organisations and other community groups and societies.


Open the Book

Open the Book (OtB) is a project which offers primary school children an opportunity to hear key Bible stories, from a team of Christians from local churches, who present the stories during assemblies/acts of Collective Worship. Each presentation takes around 10–15 minutes and can be incorporated into a wider school assembly, or can stand alone. It is a three-year rolling programme with an additional, but optional year of material based on Christian Values for schools.


‘In Conversation With…’ Thinking About Collective Worship in Church of England Schools

The ‘In Conversation With…’ series presents interviews with experienced practitioners in the world of collective worship.


Prayer Spaces

Prayer Spaces allow individuals to break from the demands of a busy routine and enter quiet and rest through activities and a special setting which helps them reflect on questions of life, God and spirituality.


Education Sunday

Use Education Sunday as an annual celebration of the links between the local church and school


Pray for Schools

Mobilise Christians to support their school communities through prayer - making every school in the UK a prayed-for school


Activities for both school and parish to do together

‘All the believers were one in heart and mind...They shared everything that they had.’ Acts 4:32


CAP Money Kids Course

Did you know that we form spending habits from as young as seven?* With credit just a text away, it’s vital we give our children a head start in learning how to be money-wise. This course is ideal for helping young minds start exploring the value of money in a fun, engaging and relevant way. Aimed at children aged 9-11 years old, CAP Money Kids meets national curriculum standards so it’s perfect to take into primary schools. It can also be used with youth groups, Scouts Guides, Cubs, after-school clubs, or with your own children. This course sets the foundations of good money management to ensure children grow up to be financially capable adults.


School Chaplaincy Network

Chaplaincy is a way of developing a formal link with local schools and offering support and mentoring to young people.