Donations through technology

Contactless donation units, online giving and giving by text message.

Contactless donation units

Goodbox offer cost-effective donation units which are tailored to charities to help them to accept contactless donations.

This new technology allows churches to accept donations from both regular and occasional visitors who carry little to no cash, for example, at weddings or baptisms.

These units can be used offline, with transactions being processed once the unit has either a wi-fi or 3G signal at a later point. Due to the increase in the minimum donation required under the gift aid small donations scheme (GASDS) to £30 per donation from April 2019, it is also possible for parishes to claim GASDS on these donations, uplifting them by a further 25%. For example, a donation of £5 with GASDS claimed would result in the parish receive a net donation of £6.12 (Goodbox charge a flat fee of 2.5% per transaction, in this case 13p).

Due to interest from our parishes in embracing this new form of digital giving, the Listen workstream has agreed to part fund a set number of units from Goodbox so that parishes can trial these units. This funding will offset the cost of the necessary hardware to enable parishes to collect contactless donations.

This would involve a 50% grant on the cost of a GBx mini unit and Plate (grant aided cost – £105 delivered) or a more limited number of GBx core units (grant aided cost – £205 delivered). In return for this initial financial support, parishes would be asked to share their experience over the following six months with the Listen workstream in the form of a short survey.

As there is a limited amount of grant funding available, grants will be limited to one unit per benefice.

Due to availability, applications for grants using this form will be accepted on a first come – first served basis. Any applications above and beyond the available units will be added to a waiting list in the order they are received.

The process to administer the grants will be as follows:

  • Successful applicants will be contacted via email with a copy of the Goodbox merchant form (required for processing of donations to the PCC bank account) and a request for the grant aided cost to be paid to the Diocesan Board of Finance.
  • Units received from Goodbox directly to nominated local contact.

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Unfortunately, JustGiving, the text giving service offered by Vodafone ceased on the 31 March 2019.

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