Filming and photography in churches

In communications, images are just as important as the words we use. Find out more about consent, GDPR and copyright.

Consent and GDPR

Sharing services online is an exciting opportunity to reach out, however, this should be balanced with continuing to provide a safe and secure environment for all. Some members of our community may not feel comfortable appearing in video, and for others it may compromise their safety. Safeguarding, GDPR, and creating safe places are all key factors before any recordings are made.

You can find guidance for taking photos and videos during religious activities such as Church services, Eucharist, or Christenings, etc. on the Church of England website here.

This does not relate to non-religious activities such as fetes or parties etc. The National Safeguarding Team has created guidance for non-religious activities involving children and vulnerable adults in the Safer Environments and Activities guidance here.

You can find all the latest information and guidance on GDPR from the National Parish Resources team on their website here.

You can also contact them directly if you have any questions or queries.

What you need to know about using images and copyright

Images can set the tone or underpin an important message. Without writing a word, they can welcome, inspire, encourage, and create a window to see into our communities.

But, before we go ahead and use an image or video online, we need to understand a little more about consent, GDPR and stock imagery. Find out more about copyright, GDPR and consent here.