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Help and support from the Communications Team.

Whether you have a story to share, are seeking advice or guidance, or want to promote a new church initiative or resources which others may find helpful, please email:

This inbox is visible to all members of the Communications Team.  Alternatively call 07818 422395.

Common enquires:

  • Press & media – For potentially difficult or urgent press enquires please call 07818 422395.  Visit our Press & Media page for more details.
  • Promoting events – If you would like us to promote your event through our website, eNews or in print, please add it directly to the website here.

Communications Officers:


Elizabeth Humphries
Communications Manager
01603 882348



Katherine Limbach
Communications Officer (part-time)
01603 882355



Bethany Grimshaw 
Communications Officer (part-time)
01603 881720