Building Understanding

Inviting visitors to engage with our faith through church furnishings and festivals.

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In response to our Diocesan Mission Strategy 2021, the Listen stream has commissioned this resource pack which we hope parishes across this diocese may find useful as a tool for welcome and outreach.  We are very grateful to the Revd Susanna Gunner for all the work involved in this project.

The pack holds a set of explanatory notices designed to help weekday visitors see your church not merely as an interesting historical building but as the home of a worshipping community of Christians.

The intention is that, as visitors read them, they feel as if members of your church community are showing them around, helping them to understand why the contents of the building hold such deep meaning and also to imagine them in use during worship.

Brief explanations are offered about significant pieces of furniture, other features of church buildings, and certain times and seasons in the Christian year. And, if you’d like to, it’s possible to replace the generic photos in the pack with photos of your own church building(s) and those who worship there, – templates for each of the notices are downloadable below.

Download the Word document templates: