Study courses

Various courses available in the Diocese.

Sustaining Pastoral Ministry Courses – to be run at your request.
Facilitated by Kate Litchfield, drawing on her experience of over 20 years as Diocesan Counsellor.
The following courses can be adapted to the needs of a benefice ministry team or group of ministers from a deanery. Each course includes tutor input, discussion and practical work by participants. The number of courses will be limited so early enquiry is recommended.

Boundaries in Ministry
The ability to safeguard boundaries is essential to ethical practice in pastoral relationships. Well-managed boundaries in personal and ministerial relationships enable ministers to be clear about their responsibilities and protect them from being overwhelmed by unrealistic expectations. This course explores the complex boundary issues faced by clergy and lay ministers.

Living Well in Ministry
Parish ministry can offer a creative and fulfilling pattern of work, with considerable freedom and autonomy. However constant exposure to the needs and expectations of others can lead to habits of overwork and chronic stress. This course explores the importance of a positive balance between work and leisure in safeguarding health, well-being and personal relationships.

Speaking the Truth in Love
The skills of giving and receiving useful critical feedback are essential to the development of positive personal and ministerial relationships. Past experiences of criticism often contaminate our responses, especially where there are power inequalities. Difficulties arise in parish life when ministers and parishioners fail to offer one another focused encouragement or to give and receive critical feedback in a constructive and helpful way. This course explores these issues and introduces some practical skills in giving and receiving feedback.

Course facilitator
Kate Litchfield has developed these courses over many years of involvement in CME and national training. She is the author of ‘Tend My Flock ~ Sustaining Good Pastoral Care’ (Canterbury Press 2006), drawing on her experience of over 20 years as Diocesan Counsellor. Copies are available from Diocesan House for £7.50 each. Contact