Degree in Youth Ministry

A training scheme for undergraduates based on the BA honours degree in Theology, Ministry & Mission offered by Ridley Hall, Cambridge.

Across the Diocese of Norwich in churches and schools successful missional work is undertaken on a regular basis with many young people.  This work tends to be with the pre-primary and primary age ranges and churches often struggle to continue relationships with young people through to the secondary level.  To help the church address this issue the Diocese of Norwich Mission Strategy 2021 has targeted improving provision of project, schools and sports workers.

Our response is a training scheme for undergraduates based on the BA honours degree in Theology, Ministry and Mission offered by Ridley Hall, Cambridge.  To address issues around retention from existing church children’s work and ongoing spiritual input following that given in primary/junior schools, and to recognise the poorer provision for youth across many of our churches, the focus will be the transition years (school years 6-8) and older – therefore we will focus on the Youth pathway of the degree and focus work on High School catchment areas rather than traditional Parish or Benefice areas.

The scheme runs as part of the Diocese of Norwich Church Planting & Revitalisation Programme, with placement locations being aligned with our focus areas.

Students have a main placement for the three years of the course.  Students will live in or near the placement and will be involved in work with young people and/or families within the local high school, community and churches.

Additional training and opportunties to work in a wider team of youth, sports and worship minsters will be given.

Students will undertake at least 17 hours per week during term-time, at least half of which will be face-to-face with children, young people or families. Students will continue to work during college vacations and are allocated a certain number of weeks holiday per year by their placement.

Students can apply here.

Further information is available here.